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Mountaineering, trekking & skiing.

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Mountaineering Mentorship Program

Join Mountaineering Mentorship Program & get mentored by mountaineering instructors.

The program offers the opportunity to get trained and implement the learning in every phase. Check out the program phases by knowing more.

Ice Climbing workshop

Join our crash course on ice climbing. We train you to make you capable of climbing any ice wall.

From sport competitions to personal challenge ice climbing attraction is pulling professional  mountain athletes, beginners towards the ice walls.

Here in The Mountain Knights we conduct Ice Climbing Workshops for beginners and amateurs ice climbing.  

Map reading & navigation.

Learn to navigate your way using topographic map with compass. Stand out with your skills as an outdoor enthusiast.

No matter how much technology had made our navigation task easy, its the traditional art of map reading and navigation that must be mastered for all the navigation scenarios.

If you are one of those mountain enthusiasts who want to learn this valuable skill, you are at the right place.

About us

Let Mountaineers Arrange For You

In Mountain knights we are a team of professional mountaineers, mountaineering instructors, ski mountaineers with wide range of climbing experience across the countries like India, Nepal, Africa, Iran and Afghanistan. We understand the mountaineering logistic support needs precisely to meet the mountaineering requirements.


Me n my friends had just come back from our successful selection for becoming Officers with the Indian Army and we were undergoing our medicals when we decided that we needed to take a break from the .
Adv Richa Singh
We two families with kids decided to bond over a trek to Kareri Lake with "TMK".We had several opportunities to experience their competence in organising the trek, his interest in ensuring our safety & enjoyment.
Wg Cdr Suvadip Maity
Indian Air Force
I have been following The Mountain Knights (TMK) for a few years now and can convincingly say that the TMK is run by professionals. Their ground team is also well equipped, courteous, and reliable.
Sqn Ldr Toolika Rani(retd)



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Our Blog

Access our tutorial content on mountaineering, trekking and skiing written by instructors and some  of the mountain climbing enthhusiasts.

We hold the decades of exposure in Himalaya and Popular climbing destinations across the continents.

Our skills and professionalism as instructors, armed forces veterans, and mountaineers sets us apart from the rest.

Our teams has trained thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts. Our knowledge and experience gives us an edge as  mountaineers.