Mountaineering Mentorship Program

Capsule course for training in alpine skills.

Mountaineering Mentorship Program

Learn the craft of climbing mountains in a short span of time with our mountaineering instructors. We train you in order to make you confident climber by equipping you with the skills and approach required for mountain climbing.

Friendship Peak


7 Days


What is it about ?

Training Highlights

Topics to be covered

  • Roping up techniques
  • Ascending,descending on snow
  • Anchoring and belaying on snow
  • Camp set-up
  • Mountaineering rucksack packing
  • Anchoring and belaying in snow
  • Advance snow anchoring
  • Communication systems
  • Alpine climbing
  • Rescue techniques
  • Map reading and navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Any one irrespective of gender and above the age of 16 can join.

Professional and highly experienced climbing instructors.

Stay in medically fit shape.

Vaccinated staff, sanitized facilities are ensured.

Yes you can come even if you are a beginner. You will be guided, supervised, assisted by mountaineering instructors who have trained thousands of young and old age individuals successfully. 

● Woolen cap
● Hat/ cap
● Sunglasses
● Multiple pair of under clothing
● A warmer upper
● A fleece jacket
● Feather/ down jacket
● Two pair of gloves
● Trekking trousers/ or comfortable lower etc
● Multiple pair of socks
● Trekking shoes ( preferably)
● Toilet papers.
● Toiletries
● A rucksacks/ backpack
● Notepad/ pen
● Camera ( if you would like to)
● First aid kit ( though we will also have it)
● Sunscreen/ moisturizer
● Lip balm
● Head torch
● Water bottle ( preferably thermos type )

Begin your journey with us.

Proceed by registering with us or get in touch to drop any concern. We are just a click away.

We hold the decades of exposure in Himalaya and Popular climbing destinations across the continents.

Our skills and professionalism as instructors, armed forces veterans, and mountaineers sets us apart from the rest.

Our teams has trained thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts. Our knowledge and experience gives us an edge as  mountaineers.