Right clothing during a trek

Right clothing during a trek in progress is Very important when it comes to avoiding over sweating, feeling suffocated and avoiding getting hypothermia.

Here are some of the tips to follow to adopt the right clothing during a trek.

Breathable clothes 

Always wear something that is breathable to an extent no matter what the temperature is high or low.

This will avoid over sweating and exhaustion.

Always remember you will sweat while hiking or climbing even in freezing temperatures. Hence maintain breathable clothing as per the temperature

Right clothing in the bright day from head to feet.

Choose to wear the following on a bright day

  • Wide brim hat
  • Sunglasses preferably Cooper red or brown glasses
  • T shirt preferably collar t shirt as this will create ventilation around at cheat are.
  • Half of full sleeves T shirt depending on the temperature
  • If half t-shirt is worn you can opt to carry or wear skin tight sleeves as per the need.
  • Cargo pants preferably with a removable lower section below the knees as this creates additional ventilation.
  • If the air is bit chilly or you are hiking in the area with leeches, wearing a full length sleeves is better
  • Highly ankle shoes as they provide good grip around the ankle thus reducing the risk of ankle twist.
  • Cotton socks as these socks will absorb the foot sweat.

Right clothing on a windy day from head to feet.

On a windy day you can choose the same clothing pattern as mentioned above for a bright day except some of the changes below.

  • Wear a full length cargo trousers
  • Depending on the temperature choose to switch between a hat or a warm cap
  • Depending on the weather choose between continuing with a t shirt with sleeves or wearing a windcheater to avoid getting hypothermia
  • Analyzing your sweating rate and body heat consider wearing a warm fleece jacket else continue with a windcheater or t-shirt with skin tight sleeves or a full arm  length T shirt.
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