How to maintain foot 👣 hygiene during a trek.

Foot hygiene begins from your home itself before leave for a trek. Foot hygiene can prevent your tent from becoming an unpleasant place to live for you and your tent mates.

You should consider the following to maintain your foot hygiene.

  • Trim your nail in advance before leaving the trek
  • Wash your shoes and dry them before leaving for a trek.
  • Carry multiple pair of cotton socks depending on number of days.
  • When you reach your camp site after a trek remove your shoes and socks and dry them in sun or open air.
  • Wash your feet and prefer wearing alternative foot wear in the camp site if the temperature allows. This practce will give time for you to relax your feet till you begin hiking the following day.
  • Wear a fresh pair of socks in the camp site and let the used pair of socks dry.
  • When the socks you wore for the trek reach a point where it must be washed, do it as soon as you arrive your next campsite and leave it in sum to dry.
  • Clean the must around your shoes frequently during your trek.
  • If your feet sweat too much you should consult a doctor and follow doctors advice.

Learn how to dry socks when there is no sunlight available.

  • If the socks are moist keep then inside your sleeping bag overnight. By morning the socks will be much less moist then before.
  • If the socks are wet either rinse it by squeezing it or wrap it around the toilet paper or  newspaper which will absorb the moisture after which the socks can be placed inside the sleeping bag overnight.
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