How to choose a right camp site.

Water availability.

Always choose to set-up your campsite in proximity to a water source. Be mindful to have a respectable distance between water source and camp if water is close to the camp.


Campsite must not be in the direction of wind as far as possible. Avoid setting up camp at passes, saddles, colls and the windward side of the hill.

Behind the trees, a place surrounded by big boulders, adjacent to a ridge are the ideal place to set up the campsite.

Rockfall area

Be careful of not setting up the campsite below a rockfall area such as a cliff, next to a landslide vulnerable slope.

Toilet area

Choose to set up the camp at the place which provides a suitable area for attending nature’s call. This area should be at a decent distance from the living, cooking and other tents if any.

The toilet area must not be at the slope behind the campsite.

Away from the trail.

You must avoid setting up the campsite in the path, blocking the route for other trekkers, and mules.

Occupying the place

If you find someone else has arrived before you to a particular spot of camp, respect the individual and do not occupy the spot without cross checking with them. Set up the camp only if the previous party does not intend to use the space.

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