Solo Trekking

What is a solo trekking ?

In ideal situations a solo trek is a trek done alone. Whereas many take assistance from the professional guide or trek company which arranges the logistics and helps them in guiding through the trails. Many people go for a solo trek and most of them have different reasons to do so.


Why do a solo trekking ?

The basic precautionary rule is not to venture alone in the wilderness and mountains. For this the second thumb rule is the go for an adventure in the mountains with people you know and trust. Most of the time it is not possible to have a hiking partner of your choice and who you bond with. Hence you join the regular group of strangers and find a room to connect with them in a trek or if you do not connect with them well enough you have the burden of staying diplomatic and trying to get social. The second scenario is where you don’t have a partner or you do want a partner and leave for a trek solo. The third scenario is where you hire the services of a professional guide or a trek company who manage all the logistics for you, guide you  along the trails.


Benefits of solo trekking

  • In solo trek you are the only one with yourself or your guide. There is no mental pressure of dealing with other humans as the number of people has different demands, aspirations and more adjusting according to each other.  
  • You plan your day for yourself to meet your own goals and abilities.
  • You develop a closer connection with yourself as there are no distractions offered by other humans.
  • You develop a closer connection with the nature 
  • With a good guide or instructor he/ she will have more time to devote to you and will be able to share his/ her experience and learning more than what he /she would have been able to do with a bigger group.


Challenges in solo trekking

  • The greatest challenge is to develop the confidence to do it alone. Once you develop the confidence to do it alone you might be concerned about how to do it ? , where to do it?
  • If you are well versed with the challenges of the wilderness and know the basics of trekking and camping you can choose a trekking route and go for it completely solo.
  • If you do not know the basics of trekking and camping you can hire a professional who can help you in choosing a destination, a trekking route, guide you and instruct you throughout the trek. 

How to choose a right guide ?

Some of the best ways to choose a guide or an instructor for your solo trek are.

  • Search for the qualifications of the would be guide or instructor.
  • Look out for his / her experience in the field of trekking, mountaineering, guiding.
  • Search for the testimonials if available.
  • As you will be dealing with your guide directly in a trek it is advisable that you talk to him/ her and discuss your concerns, expectations, experience.

For most solo trekkers the experience of solo trekking if conducted in the right way has been very fulfilling and therapeutic.  It has helped them overcome their weakness, find a stronger side of themselves and reconnect with themselves.



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